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Dealership Terms

1- Being over 18 years old.
2- Understand from Technical Support.
3- Being Predictable to a Trustworthy Business Association.
4- To follow the rules and announcements of our company.
5- We can all be TUM President who gives technical support to our customers and has detailed information.

Our IPTV Dealership Rules

1- IPTV Dealers They can not sell below IPTV Dealer Prices and IPTV Dealers Prices on our website.
2- Our Prices on Our Websites Our Dealers Dealers When Satan Dealers Are Found Dealer Accounts Query Unqualified Dealer Accounts Without Warnings Will Be Terminated And Accepted From Main Dealer Panels End User IPTV Accounts And IPTV Will Be Closed Unexpectedly In Sub-dealerships.
3 - Complaints from our customers' complaints will be issued once in the direction of the complaints, in the case of receiving the second complaint, IPTV Dealer Accounts will be terminated,
4- No IPTV Bay Company Company Name and Company Addresses + Our Communication Information can not be used without permission. If it is detected, it will be warned once. IPTV Dealerships will be terminated if they do not change their names and contact information.
5 - IPTV Dealers It is absolutely necessary to use their own names and contact information.
6- Our IPTV Dealers are Surely Needed to Follow Our Announcements Through Our Web Site.
7 - Technical problems in our systems are followed by Technical Team 24/7, Problems are arising after being determined by our technical teams, IPTV Dealers should not give information by opening our systems immediately with the issue of problems due to problems. We have to wait till the problems are solved. When 1 channel is closed we instantly see our side and we are alerted.
8- Watching Our Channels Freezing or Attacking IPTV Dealers and Customers Tickets Before you can give us information, you need to test your internet speeds by going to website. 3 to 6 Mbit HD for publications and 20 to 25 Mbit Internet for the broadcasts, Our systems are completely owned by our company and freezing and plugging is not a matter of freezing and hanging our customers are likely to have a decline in internet speeds.
9- Since these rules are written in this period, Tum IPTV Dealers will be presumed to be Readings and transactions will be carried out in the Rules section.
10- We do not know our IPTV rules are not considered manzet, Our announcements and our daily news to follow the Responsibility of our Tum Dealers.
11- Our IPTV Dealers are not supported by our customers, our IPTV Dealers are responsible and supportive to their customers.
12- In our Premium Sports Channels, Football Test Time is not allowed. When it is determined that the test is opened in Football Times, our test accounts will be prohibited. The IPTV dealership will be called up until the end of the MAC, and if the IPTV reseller continues to do the same after this alert, the IPTV Dealership will be terminated.
13- Unnecessary times Test is prohibited,
14- Definitely user names and passwords must be set to be strong, strong user names and passwords must be created,
15- Our IPTV Dealers will be banned from our Publications by adding Accounts (Server) to our Accounts when it is determined that streaming is done and if the same process is still going on, IPTV Dealerships will be closed.

 Upgraded IPTV Dealership Rules Tum IPTV Duties and Practices of Our Dealers Difficult,

 IPTV Dealership Rules can be changed and additional rules can be added. For this reason, Tum IPTV Dealers are obliged to follow this page,

 Our respect

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